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Merly Doodle by Neriah
Merly Doodle
Quick little doodle of Merly. Since I haven't drawn her often enough lately. 

HL: Character Doodles by Neriah
HL: Character Doodles
I was going back and rereading the Round 1 submissions for Haunted Library. I wanted to doodle a few of the characters that kind of stuck out for me.
The quirky goofball character, Mimi had this deeply unsettling mood swing during her comic. It was a really creepy moment that stayed with me long after I'd finished it. Wynona had a similar unexpected mood swing towards the end of her comic, which put her character's new purpose and motivations in the Haunted Library into perspective.
I also enjoyed Sam's comic as well. It was a happy, feel-good cool down after writing all of the DOOM and gloom of Regan's story. I actually drew her before the results were announced.

Then there's the ODDJOB BROS. I loved these little bean-headed derps!! I have a fun time imaging how Regan would've interacted with them if they had continued on. 

 I only joined HL because my buddy Argo was joining! HIs character Bombert and Regan would've wreaked such glorious havoc together.

The other fox lady is Regan's Mom. I was brainstorming some design ideas for her in case I ever happened to need her for something.
If I have time I might color some of the panels from my Round 1. 

Wynona belongs to :iconsleepers-anonymous:
Bombert belongs to :icontheargoninja:
Sam belongs to :icongigapichu:
Mimi belongs to :iconempj:
Oddjob Bros and Jasper belong to :iconpepperonideluxe:
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I was tagged by :icontheargoninja:, :iconbiisumonster: and :iconstampco:! Sorry for taking so long to get to this! These two are the most diametrically opposed characters I've ever had. It's funny seeing them laid side by side. Hope/Despair. Happy Purpose/Despondent Meaninglessness. I enjoy writing about both of them. 

List 8 facts about your character
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1) Merly doesn't have much of a social filter, having come from a hippie fairy family. She will prattle on excessively about her bodily functions and strong sexual attraction to beefy jocks regardless of her audience.
2) Merly's laugh is quite frightening and often comes outta nowhere, inadvertantly terrifying classmates and teachers alike. She finds lots of things uproariously funny and laughs easily.
3) Oddly enough for a Zelda fairy, Merly tends to gain weight whenever she's feeling down. However, she also gains weight when she's in a very happy place. Merly adores fried foods and typically carries candy with her.
4) Merly is incapable of taking a serious picture. 
5) She is also incapable of not photobombing other people's pictures; it's like a medical condition.
6) Merly takes her Undergrad Gym Major seriously, despite being otherwise an incurable goofball. She believes having a strong, healthy body are integral to leading a truly happy life. 
7)  Merly crushes on cute guys constantly but lacks the self-discipline to commit to a real relationship. She has bad relationship ADD and she is quite aware of it. 
8) Any shirt Merly wears will magically show her mid-drift some way or another.

1) Regan upholds the socratic belief that death is preferential to the injustices of life. It's the ultimate cure for unjust human suffering. 
2) She spent much of her young adulthood as a homeless schizophrenic in a struggling city.
3) Regan's world is inhabited by humans and animals like herself. The sentient animals like Regan are a segregated minority, however.
4) Her schizophrenia was induced by childhood trauma. It has become mild in her adulthood but the occasional auditory hallucinations crop up from time to time.
5) Globert occasionally talks; He has an insufferably cheerful personality that infuriates his owner.
6) Regan originally had a big bushy fox tail but it was chopped off by an aggressive sentient dog that she tried to hold hostage.
7) Despite her ruthless disposition, occasionally Regan will try to reach out and connect with others. On a subconscious level she wants people to understand her real motives.
8) Regan is not a natural redhead. That shit is dyed. 


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Absolutely!! I was so flattered to see the notification. Your characters Nestly and Reverb are so entertaining and fun. They reminded me of a graphic novel called Anya's Ghost. I love how they mesh with a haunted library environment so easily. Good luck with round 2! Maybe we'll be fighting each other. X3
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