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Conceptual Doodle for T-shirt Design by Neriah
Conceptual Doodle for T-shirt Design
Between emptying my apartment for the big move to New York and running yard sales with Devon I haven't had much time to draw sadly. Fortunately I have to find time to work on these characters for a t-shirt design for my Aunt. She's very pushy in a way that keeps me drawing regardless!

My Aunt had never heard of anthropomorphic characters before but clearly she wanted all of her running mates drawn as different animals. Right now we're just working on nailing down exactly what style of anthropomorphic she's really looking for without being too human looking or too cartoony. 

I'm hoping to have this completed by the next week.
RI: Cage by Neriah
RI: Cage
Name: Cage
Nickname: Buddy, pal, friend, mate are his favorite epithets.
Age: 26
Birthdate:October 12
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 155lbs
Eye Color: 3.91ct Blue Diamonds 
Misc. Features: Has a pretty set of nasty, big, pointy teeth which is always on full display because he doesn't know when to stop grinning. Occasionally when his face gets sore he will wear a bag over his head with a happy face clumsily drawn on it. He behaves fidgety and sporadically switches between imitating feminine mannerisms to swinging his arms and acting overly masculine without any real understanding of where he's supposed to fall. 
Pokemon Species: Sableye
Fleet/Captain: Civilian
Cage was born on Revolution Island deep underneath the ground in the dark and raised by a pair of neurotic parents alongside his twin brother Gage. Combined together Cage and Gage would've made one well-mannered, completely decent and politically correct individual. Gage was a smart and clever boy, and his diamond eyes sparkled mesmerizingly. Cage had poor people skills and a nervous, twitchy disposition that made people avoid eye contact with him as much as possible. His parents frequently sent him into long time-outs in dark holes with a bag on his head for being a general embarrassment in front of visiting relatives and friends. On the other side of the spectrum, however, Cage's better half, Gage, seemed to have the opposite condition as a perceptive socialite that delighted his parents and friends with his charismatic personality and hypnotic eyes. The more popular Gage became with the locals, the more often Cage would have to hide in his time-out hole.  The more time Cage spent alone; waffling around his head, entertaining his own obsessive thoughts, the less he was able to understand others.

It wasn't long before Cage became wise to the real secret behind his brother's likability and concocted a plan to steal his charm away. While his parents were out for a night on the town he stole into his brother's bedroom while he was sleeping. It wasn't uncommon for his brother to return home late after a night of drinking with his comrades.  Gage always slept heavily afterwards and so it was child's play for Cage to tie him down and extract his diamond eyes. The thunderstorms whipped up by the Zapdos covered up Gage's screams. His eyes were a perfectly cut 3.91ct blue diamond. Chick magnets from Zales.  After stealing his eyes, Cage was morally obligated to kill Gage because he looked ridiculous. If nothing else Cage understood better than anyone the torment of living in shame. He had loved his charming brother and knew it was the greatest kindness.

Cage decided it was time to leave his family and build a new one elsewhere, preferably before his parents came home to Gage's corpse. Fratricide clearly marked a new chapter of his life with the attainment of a sparkling new lens. Of course he replaced his own eyes with Gage's so he could see things as his brother did. He made his way across the island and found a decent cave that was located closer to the port town inhabited by pirate crews and other disposable riffraff. It was an ideal location to practice reacquainting himself with other people in a controlled environment that he could monitor. He would watch people through windows at night and study them. 

Clothing of Choice: Cage's clothes sometimes vary; when he can he likes to spruce up his wardrobe with stolen clothes from the local townspeople. He especially likes fancy shoes, particularly high heels.

 Accessories: Cage occasionally wears a bag over his head with a happy face drawn on it. He also typically carries around his pick.

Move Set:
Shadow Sneak
Power Gem
Foul Play
Knock Off
Song of Saya Fanart by Neriah
Song of Saya Fanart
Drew this at work a few days ago. Song of Saya is the most disturbing game I've ever played ever in malife. It deserved fanart. 
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HEY! SO. Yeah, I've discovered that I'm going to have quite a bit of free time on my hands this next month.
Anyone have any recommendations for a fun DA group I could join? 

Also I'll do a character doodle for the first three people that respond!!

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